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On Sunday 10th March I updated xplane 11 (to version and since then my fps is very low, barely 10 fps while it used to be 25-30. I tried changing the sliders in the graphics menu but could not get much improvement. I also tried the changes to the Xbox app, changes recommended on the xplane support site, but no improvement. It looks like the update changed something dramatically to the system. CPU usage is 45%, GPU 60% so both resources are not even fully used, which makes it even more difficult to understand.

The only change to my system was the update on Sunday, before that frame rates were OK.
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I just installed the demo and I'm noticing the same thing. Performance is terrible compared to benchmarks I've seen with my card.

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I'm just coming back to Xplane 11 after not flying for a while. I let Steam update my Xplane and now I'm barely running at 15fps vs 30-45 before. I am almost certain that it has to do with the latest update as nothing else has changed. After adjusting the resolution and graphics settings I still get 15fps or below.

CPU and GPU are only around 30% whereas before they were maxed out. Fans don't even kick into high.

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Hi Gents 

I am not from Laminar Research; just another flight simmer from down under.

It appears there are many flight simmers experiencing the same problem as you.

Provided you are running an official version of X-Plane from Laminar Research and not a steam version I would suggest you lodge a bug report to move progress along to get the issue resolved.  The method of lodging a Bug report can be found at

Why not steam users?  Steam is a 3rd party hybrid that does not mix and match with the official Laminar version.  Laminar does not sell the product.  Steam users should use a steam forum for their problems.  If you are a Steam user and do lodge a bug report with Laminar your log.txt file will show that you are a steam user.

Good luck with getting a result as I haven't upgraded to 11.32 as yet.


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You certainly have had a journey.

One thing I have picked up on is your last paragraph (not last line) of your latest comment.  It suggests to me there has been or there is an installation problem.  The method you use to start X-Plane should not be.  Can you attach your "log.txt" file for others who have a greater knowledge base than me may be able to spot the problem.  Some of the latest log.txt files I have seen show that X-Plane is being installed through "one drive" in the windows based system.  This is new to me

Try downloading the "Installer file" and then run it.  What it will do is test all files and replace any that are corrupted as well as install any missing files. 

If that doesn't work then a drastic method may be to do a fresh installation by deleting everything using a good file removal software package.

If that doesn't work and you have indicated that the earlier version before the 11.32 upgrade did work without a problem.  It may be prudent to go back to 11.26.  I have always had the understanding that it cannot be done in the three years I have been associated with this forum.  However the light has been turned on indicating it can now be done.  I am seeking more information.  I will advise  how to do it.

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Thanks Glenn, will try your suggestions and report back.

I have the log.txt file but cannot attach it here, didn't find how/where and simple copy/paste doesn't work. Even if I edit the original question I don't see any option.
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I am about to lose the internet due to a planned power outage.  Have a look at some recent answers from Greengolfer15 where he provides details to a few others on how to do it with his powerpoint presentation.

Good luck


Power now restored.  Try this link found at

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I think I might have solved the issue. I first tried running the installer but that didn't change anything. Then I completely deleted the Xplane folder and re-installed it. For whatever reason version 11.05 was installed but it was given me good fps (25-30) with all plugins installed. Then I decided to update it to the latest version (11.32)...  . Big surprise : I continued having fps of 25-30 just like before the whole saga started.  On top of that Xplane starts normally without having to open the task manager and when I check the task manager there are only 3 XSystem processes running under Xplane. This is what you would expect given the fact that I use 3 displays. Previously it was showing 7 of these processes and I now suspect this was causing the frame rate hit. Something must have gone wrong the first time I updated to 11.32 causing this issue to appear.

Let's hope this proves to be sustainable now ...  .

I think I will be more careful in the future with xplane updates. Since I only fly in the weekend this issue made me lose 4 weeks .
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I got into the same issue again updating to the latest version (11.34r I believe) last night : a significant drop in frame rate to < 20 fps.  I did however notice that before the update Xplane would not open normally and I had to go via the task manager to "activate" it.

So I deleted xplane again and re-installed it, which gave me version 11.05. Got very good frame rates, also after installing plugins (air manager, pilotedge and spadnext).  But soon it started going south again : Xplane not starting up correctly (need to go via the task manager) and more XSystem processes active than displays running. I upgraded to the latest version and of course the issue did not go away.

It looks like everytime I restart Xplane and resume the last flight another Xsystem process is added, further slowing down the system. It looks that the process servicing the main display is duplicated on every restart so I ended up having up to 4 processes running for the main display, one for the left display and one for the right display.  This of course eats into the frame rate.

This gives me the impression that Xplane doesn't really quit correctly when I exit it. I did try to restart my computer but it didn't change.  I will try starting a new flight again but based on yesterday night's experience I don't think it will help.

I attached the log file from my last flight :