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On Sunday 10th March I updated xplane 11 (to version and since then my fps is very low, barely 10 fps while it used to be 25-30. I tried changing the sliders in the graphics menu but could not get much improvement. I also tried the changes to the Xbox app, changes recommended on the xplane support site, but no improvement. It looks like the update changed something dramatically to the system. CPU usage is 45%, GPU 60% so both resources are not even fully used, which makes it even more difficult to understand.

The only change to my system was the update on Sunday, before that frame rates were OK.
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I just installed the demo and I'm noticing the same thing. Performance is terrible compared to benchmarks I've seen with my card.

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I'm just coming back to Xplane 11 after not flying for a while. I let Steam update my Xplane and now I'm barely running at 15fps vs 30-45 before. I am almost certain that it has to do with the latest update as nothing else has changed. After adjusting the resolution and graphics settings I still get 15fps or below.

CPU and GPU are only around 30% whereas before they were maxed out. Fans don't even kick into high.

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Hi Gents 

I am not from Laminar Research; just another flight simmer from down under.

It appears there are many flight simmers experiencing the same problem as you.

Provided you are running an official version of X-Plane from Laminar Research and not a steam version I would suggest you lodge a bug report to move progress along to get the issue resolved.  The method of lodging a Bug report can be found at  http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html

Why not steam users?  Steam is a 3rd party hybrid that does not mix and match with the official Laminar version.  Laminar does not sell the product.  Steam users should use a steam forum for their problems.  If you are a Steam user and do lodge a bug report with Laminar your log.txt file will show that you are a steam user.

Good luck with getting a result as I haven't upgraded to 11.32 as yet.


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Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Steam I go.


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Good day!

Although I cannot comprehend how this flight simulator can be so tough on framerates, I used to fly my B737-800 with framerates ranging between 30 and 44 fps.  I have updated this morning to 11.32r2 and since then, my fps has dropped significantly: I now range in 25 to 32 fps!!!   This is totally unacceptable!!!

I have an Intel i7-8700K CPU running at 4.8GHz
32GB of ram
all HD are on board Samsung Pro SSDs
2x EVGA GEFORCE GTX1080ti (SLi mode, although this FS does not support it?!?!?
1x monitor at 2560x1080
2x monitors at 1280x1024...

Honestly, I was so disappointed obtaining such weak performance before when running this FS but with the latest update, I have no clues what can be done to make the flight any enjoyable...  I do not believe purchasing new hardware will be the solution here...  I have a roughly 6000 dollars worth computer and if I cannot fly this FS at (almost) full settings and achieve good fps, I really do not know what will...  

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Hi Jeff,

I can understand your frustration.

Your specs are higher than mine but I haven't updated to 11.32 as yet (other reasons) but I won't be until the frame rate drop problem has been resolved.

From all my readings It appears those flight simmers running the 737-800 are having the greatest problem.  My suggestion is to log a "bug report" as i have indicated above.

Good luck

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Thanks Glenn...  Done already!
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Thanks Glenn. I have logged a bug report, including a log.txt file. Surprisingly today I could get a frame rate between 15-20 fps compared to 10 fps last week and I didn't change anything.

Tried playing around with the rendering options but didn't give a significant improvement, I cannot get above 20 fps, which is the minimum to run the simulator real time.
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the same thing has happened to me, booted it up on Sunday and was getting 15-17 fps when i uesd to be getting 40-50, had recently installed some scenery though so assumed it to be that, removed it all and it did not change, my cpu and gpu were running at 30% so obviously not max resources, i have 16gb ram i7-7700 and gtx 1070ti. Even in the air it did not change, its as if something is putting a limmiter on it?

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