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I cannot get Xplane to work with the Oculus Rift. When I log into Oculus Rift to play XPlane, I get this message: BE ADVISED - Fatal Error  SteamAPI_Init() failed  steam must be running to play this game (Steam API_Init()failed.)

Please bear in mind that I launched XPlane from Steam, so it is up and running. XPlane says the error is on your end. If it is your, hopefully we can get it running, because if we can't get this running, I am returning Oculus Rift, XPlane and associated programs, such as LogMeIN and so on.

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Have you downloaded the latest patch from Oculus? I also got this message yesterday because the Oculus SDK wouldn't launch, due to their expired certificate. There is a patch out now but it has to be installed manually.

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