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I want to use Pilot 2 atc with xplane 11. I tried to load Pilot 2 atc but ran into issues with it. To make a long story short the MSSQL was unable to open the database in P2ATC. The reason for this was that the LavasoftServices DLL in the Systems 32 and Systems64 folders was causing the problem. I renamed those files and was able to start P2ATC. However, when I went to load up xplane 11 it immediately crashed to desktop. I then reversed the correction I had just made and xplane started up just fine. My question is how to get xplane running so I can use P2ATC?

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You may want to check with the Pilot2ATC website; address “”. When the homepage opens, click on the “V2.5 Download” link at the top of the page. Once that page opens, scan down to “ERROR REPORTING” and just below that is the address for the bug reports. He has a Pilot2ATC forum set up with AvSim.

From the P2ATC website:

Please go to the Pilot2ATC Bug Reporting Forum on AVSIM to report bugs in V2.5

Please read the Pinned Post entitled Bug Reporting Forum Usage before reporting bugs"