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Hi, because of problems with my current XP11 installation, no keyboard input, I decided to remove it from my SSD and download a new copy of XP 11.

Downloaded the installer and started the process. At the point in the installer where it want the destination of XP11, it does not install.  Instead it tells me that I cannot install in the Applications folder, because that causes problems, I cannot install it on the desktop, documents folder, root of the SSD or anywhere else.

Found a "" file in the knowledge base but when this is run, it immediately gives a syntax error.

What is going on here?



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The installer prevents installation in the Applications folder because this is a protected location that can cause permission issues when you try to update an install located there.

The default install location for the installer should be the desktop. If it will not let you install there, what is the warning or reason it displays on screen? You can attach a screenshot using the icon that looks like a landscape painting.
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While I appreciate the answer, I cannot find anywhere, including the Apple web site, that agrees with it.

The Applications folder at the root of the drive from which you are booted, used to be ACL protected to prevent the end user from moving the folder.

The other Applications folder, inside the users Home folder, does not have any permissions problems as it was created for the end user when the admin account was created. I could not install there either

Prior to this install, I have been able to choose the Applications folder, root of booted drive, as the destination for X-Plane and have never had a permissions problem with updating anything about, or belonging to, X-Plane

When choosing the desktop as the location, the error "unable to install using \user\desktop" or words to that effect.  I finally convinced it to install on my secondary drive, inside the documents folder.  Not even close to the SSD I was aiming for.

Once again, I appreciate the reply which was the only one I received from three different forums.