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Highwinds CDN fails every time, when it does work it is intermittent and as slow as a wet weekend. Then it just stops.

Left the machine on overnight with no completion. Stopping point is at no particular place.

What do I do?

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Hi Peter,

I haven't heard of our CDN being called "highwinds"--are you downloading X-Plane 10 from Laminar Research directly? The digital download speed is determined by your internet connection. We recommend downloading only a little bit of scenery at a time in order to get flying as quickly as possible. If there is a time out, the installer should keep going unless the internet connection is dropped entirely. Please attach a copy of the X-Plane installer log.txt & explain what you are doing step by step and be as specific as possible.
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Peter is talking about the update CDN that laminar uses.It constantly freezes or has unbearable download speeds like mine at 49k for a 5.1gb download.