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Hi Dears,

I'm new user, initially I download the X- plane 11 Demo product it worked very well at that time,so I decide to buy the game then I bought the game online from X-plane official website three weeks ago and added the product key to the game then I tried to download the rest file but every time the download reach a certain point than keep showing this message Unable to download from server highwinds check you Internet connection by the way the internet working very well. the game stop working I have HP laptop with windows 10 with good properties.

I hop any one can help.

My best regards,

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Hi Saif

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

When you download X-Plane 11, you have to be careful how much scenery you also download. If you try to download all worldwide scenery files at once, it may be too much for your internet connection and/or your laptop?

Therefore, try downloading X-Plane 11 with a minimal amount of scenery files first, to see if this brings any success?

Further, please advise the size of your laptop's hard drive, as this may be too small?

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Dear sender,

 I try to download it with 0 scenery but the result was the same. the download reach the same certain point around 80% and keep showing the same message just for your information my hard drive one Terabyte and it's almost empty. Do you think I should use CD instead of download it directly from website.

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Hi Saif

As you have already purchased the digital download version, it wouldn't be cost effective to purchase the X-Plane 11 DVD set as well.

Would you be able to upload to this post, a copy of your X-Plane Installer Log.txt file, so that I and others with a greater knowledge base can review it in an attempt to find out why your copy of X-Plane 11 isn't fully downloading?

The X-Plane Installer Log.txt file is in the main C:\X-Plane 11 folder and if you're not sure how to upload this file, please refer to the following link and the PowerPoint slides that I have prepared for this purpose: