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I would like to know how to save an airplane in a random situation, but WITH all the flightdeck lighting on. Every time a like to start flying (in the night) i have to set all these dials (737) to the max. It should be (and maybe it is) to save an airplane the way that i left it.flight. (i asked this question before november the 17th, to Randy but while  he acknowledged that it is a bug, i have not seen the solution yet.)

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This issue is still in X-Plane 11.20. We didn't appear to have a bug report on it though, so I have filed this as XPD-9042. You can watch release notes for that to be listed once this is fixed. Unfortunately, .sit files are not very robust right now and they are leaving out a lot of specifics of the plane set up when they're saved. Addressing this is on our long term to do list.