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I would like to add an NDB or VOR to an oil rig so that I can navigate to it in IFR weather. I have positioned an oil rig with WED and would like to add a VOR/DME how can This be done

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You would need to edit the default files then save them in Custom Data with the file names 

  • user_nav.dat
  • user_fix.dat
ONLY in these user_fix.dat/user_nav.dat can you add or edit the X-Plane world data without being at risk of breaking data integrity. So if you want to add custom fixes or navaids to X-Plane, this is the only safe place to do it.
More info on navdata is available here (but the article is inaccurate when it references editing nav data via the map UI--that was an X-Plane 10 feature that did not go into X-Plane 11 and we need to update that article).