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Hi Folks,

On the official X-plane site, under Support - User Manuals - User Manuals for X-Plane Products - For Mobile Devices, there is a Helicopter Manual that is available to be read on-line.  It is also available for download in PDF format.  It appears the version is somewhat old.

Is there a version available for PC use?  If so what version is available.

I suspect there are a number of X-plane users who do and would love to, fly a helicopter instead of a fixed wing aircraft of various types and have a dedicated manual.

Thank you in anticipation of a reply.


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Hi Glenn,

That manual is very old and is available for legacy purposes only. The app it references is no longer available. We do not have any dedicated manuals for the default aircraft so far. Your best bet is going to be searching online for tutorials and documentation made by other flight simmers. I know it's nearly impossible to fly without all the proper equipment though (I tried just using the mouse and it was a trainwreck)! ;)

Here's an old tutorial from X-Plane 9 that might help get you started. Or try looking on YouTube for videos like this one.

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Hi jroberts,


Unfortunate but thank you for the reply.

I also tried using a joystick.  Perhaps one day.