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Running X Plane v 11.26r2, with a Logitech/Saitek yoke and throttle quadrant.  When first purchased X Plane 11, starting flight with Sikorsky default helicopter, throttle and collective were combined so that simply advancing throttle created lift and started flight.  Now moving throttle does nothing.  If try to change throttle to collective, get conflict saying more than one axes.  Is this a change in X Plane?  Collective can still be controlled with F3 and F4, but find no way of controlling it through yoke or throttle quadrant.   Thank you for any help or direction.

Stephen Smith   [email protected]

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I would do either of 3 things

if you have multiple throttle levers just unassing one and then assign that one to collective

or I would make another joystick profile (at bottom of the screen and normally says user profile when in joystick settings in xplane11) and only include helicopters in it and unassign the throttle and assign that axis to collective then when you fly airplanes you will have your throttle and when you fly helicopters you'll have your collective.

or just unassign the throttle axis and assign it to collective

Let me know if you need clarification

hope this helps.