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From X-Plane beta 4 helicopter became very unstable when flying low and slow. I'm attaching replay for your conideration taken with beta 6. 

Situation: I'm trying to fly over the runway. I'm not correcting until there is a risk I will hit ground or I move far from runway. In the second round I fly higher and faster - helicopter appears to be more stable. It might be my lack of skill, but I flag it because it didn't happen before beta 4. Control and Stability both on 0%.

Examples of small events at 1:38, 1:48, 1:58. Example of big event between 2:25-2:35. X-Plane is recognizing joystick moves, but initially I'm not performing any. I do to correct the flight and go back to the runway. I tested on two controllers, both with same reults.

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it is probably a bug