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Am using XP11 with flyinside with the ffA320 ultimate, this has amazing rain effects one of the best but when I fly VR am getting double visions and unflyable when enabled, I also tryed it in the XP11 VR update but still the same. I have contacted flight factor and they got back to me and said it’s not the plane it’s laminar XP11 who needs to look at it and I should contact them. I really hope there’s a solution to the rain effects in VR because that’s why I purchased this plane to experience the immersion. Please please help.

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There is a known issue with the default rain in X-Plane in VR--it moves with the VR headset. If they are using the default rain it will not be fixed until this bug is fixed.
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Thanks for your reply, am not sure laminar are aware of this bug? I wouldn’t know how to check unless you have already made contact with them?. Let’s hope this bug gets sorted as it is an amazing effect.
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Forgot to mention the rain effects in the 737-300 classic work fine in VR, it’s just the FF A320

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