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These commands do not work in VR but move left, right, up, down, forward, backward do. Is there a reason?

sim/general/rot_up                                 Rotate view: tilt up.
sim/general/rot_down                               Rotate view: tilt down.
sim/general/rot_left                               Rotate view: pan left.
sim/general/rot_right                              Rotate view: pan right.
sim/general/rot_up_fast                            Rotate view: tilt up fast.
sim/general/rot_down_fast                          Rotate view: tilt down fast.
sim/general/rot_left_fast                          Rotate view: pan left fast.
sim/general/rot_right_fast                         Rotate view: pan right fast.
sim/general/rot_up_slow                            Rotate view: tilt up slow.
sim/general/rot_down_slow                          Rotate view: tilt down slow.
sim/general/rot_left_slow                          Rotate view: pan left slow.
sim/general/rot_right_slow                         Rotate view: pan right slow.

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I don’t use VR myself, got a self built cockpit, but it looks to me like VR uses the headset to do all the moves and they override the commands you mentioned.

Hope that helps.
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That still does not explain why the move view commands left, right, up, down, forward, and backward ALL work in 2d and VR but the rotate view command only works in 2d.

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