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Hey there !

I've bought x-plane 11 (through steam) in august 2017 and got around 300 hours on it without any issue. But since last week, whenever i launch x-plane 11 and connected to a vocal discord server. I get a lot of "packet loss"-like effect on discord. The problem occurs only in the main menu and while in the sim, but weirdly, not in loading...

What i've tried to resolve : Reinstall XP11, reinstall xp11 on another drive, launch xp11 in admin, reinstall discord, launch discord in admin, antivirus scan, updates drivers, checked my connection (fiber, around 2ms, 950mpbs in download, 250 mbps in upload), checked others games/sim that are heavy on CPU/GPU (with the task manager opened), Install XP11 beta version.

I really hope to resolve this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have tried both the shipping & beta versions of the sim, and you see the error on both, but it just recently started happening, my guess would be that something other than X-Plane is affecting it. Did anything else update on your computer recently?
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i first thought about something like that, so after formatting my computer, reinstalling everything clean, it is still happening :/ And i have this problem only with x-plane.