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I'm trying out the demo for X-plane 11 but there seems to be a problem. Whenever I approach an airport such as SEATAC, the FPS drops drastically. When I look away from the airport, the FPS is really smooth. This also happens when on ground in the airport. It lags when I face a certain direction (usually left when parked up). I would very much appreciate it if somebody could help me with this problem. I aspire to become a pilot and X-plane 11 would really help me get a head start. Included is the log.txt file.



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(Your log.txt is not a valid link)

My guess is that your system may not be sufficient to handle X-Plane 11 at your current Graphics settings.  Stuttering and loss of FPS is usually due to CPU limitation.  As you approach an airport, more items and details need to be rendered.  You can try lowering the “Number of World Objects” in Graphics Setting to see if it could help to improve smoothness.