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I have an issue where the GPS position lags very badly between X-Plane 11 and Foreflight.  It lags so bad that I can land and be on the ground for sometimes up to 5 minutes before Foreflight shows the approach and landing.  It is like the GPS packets are on the network but there are so many of them or Foreflight is so slow to consume them that it takes minutes later for Foreflight to register them.

Last night I even closed X-Plane 11 after landing and Foreflight was still showing me descending during the approach, then the landing, a finally taxiing off the runway up to 5 minutes after closing X-Plane.

I don't recall having this issue when I first acquired X-Plane 11 and connecting it to Foreflight.

Has something changed?

Are too many network packets being sent out that Foreflight is having trouble consuming them?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi jsullivan,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer not using Foreflight.

As your product (Foreflight) is a third party add-on I would suggest you make contact with the developer or re-seller to assist in resolving your problem.

Good luck