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My MacBook doesn't have a dvd drive, and I don't have an external drive either. Is there a way to download the software without using the DVDs? I bought the software and yoke and rudder gear from, and was told that I would not need a disk drive. I'm training to be a pilot (IR) so really need this up and running quickly for practice!



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Hi Yaschal,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under running X-Plane through a windows platform.

Based on what you were told, contact the retailer and ask how to run the software when you have no Disc drives.  Depending on where you live I am of the opinion you have been "dudded" or "sold a pup" in relation to the software.

Others have raised the same problem as yours in this forum.  How did they solve it?  I don't know.  I read all of the forum questions and answers and cannot remember seeing a solution. You may need to scroll back through a number of pages to find a possible solution.

One solution may be to purchase an external disc drive and connect via a USB connection.

An alternative way I know of to run X-Plane, in your situation, is to download the digital version directly from Laminar Research. With the digital version you are given a password key to activate the software.  With the disc version you will need to have disc 1 inserted all the time when running the software.

In relation to what you intend to use X-Plane for, you need to consider your screen size.  If your Macbook is any smaller than 17 inch you will have trouble seeing anything ( stated in earlier comments in this forum).  Ideally a 27 screen will start to give you something decent to look at.  Stay with a 1920 x 1080 configuration.  X-Plane will not run very well with a 4K screen  Everything will be too small to read ( comments in this forum)

X-plane is very resource hungry on the CPU and GPU generating a considerable amount of heat.  Good internal cooling is required.  You need to consider this as well.

Hope you are able to find a solution and welcome to X-Plane.

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I'm fairly certain that you can download the "free trial" and use it as your installer. I know that when I purchased X-Plane tat I just re-ran the same installer and gave it my license key and it unlocked X-Plane and asked me what scenery I wanted to install.

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There is no licence Key made available with the disc version.  Disc i has to be inserted into the disc drive at all times.  See my comment above.

If the disc version is from Aerosoft, the password provided is part of their sales pitch to get you to purchase additional products from them at receive a possible discount.