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Okay, I had this issue with X-plane 10 and waited to purchase 11 hoping that this new version would work better.  Unfortunately SAME results.  I need someone to specifically point out what I am doing wrong with the Cessna 172.  I have taken 2 lessons in the past and due for another next month and I want to practice....however I did not even have this issue on the 172 when operating.   Some how after I takeoff the yoke does not seem to respond with the CH Eclipse rudders which I set to 3 different times 50  30  20..... still crashing WHY?  I have contacted CH Eclipse and they said I should contact X-Plane for the setup.  Just want to fly this Cessna 172 with this Yoke.  Thanks, I appreciate  any advice or specifics that can prevent the crash after  nice takeoff...erratic Yoke?  rudders... FOR SOME REASON THE YOKE ACTS ERRATICALLY AFTER TAKEOFF..... It is almost impossible to try and hold the plane level...why....???  It is driving me nuts trying to figure out why?

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It sounds like there are multiple axes set to the same thing. Please go into the joystick settings screen and check for a magenta warning about duplicate axis assignments.

For any further troubleshooting we'll need to see the log.txt attached & a screenshot of the joystick screen settings.
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I do not see any warning on duplicate Axis.....  I have followed all the calibration instructions.    I have piloted the plane pretty good from the rear view "chase"  for a few minuted but trying to hold it steady on the instrument flight it just has a mind of its own and twists and turns before crashing.  Also, how do you hold altitude steady???  Thanks for any comments...  Joey