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I have a problem with disk 2 at the installation.It told me i should put the cd in but the the programm  doesn´t recognize the disk.Please help me!?

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Please try ejecting the disc and checking it for any defects, dust, scratches etc. Then re-insert it and see if it now works. Also double check that it is the correct DVD--X-Plane won't warn you if you put DVD 3 in instead of 2, for example
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Good Afternoon,

I am also having the same issue with a new SW purchase that was delivered on Monday.
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tried this and it still wont work ?
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Put the DVD with the problem in the driver, then navigate to it in file browser. See if you can copy the entire contents of the DVD to the desktop. If you still get the error, it indicates there is a problem on the DVD and you will need to contact whoever you purchased it from about a replacement. If you ordered it from, you can email [email protected] for help with that.