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Question to Laminar Research and those in charge of X-Plane 11 updates: I would like to know whether we can opt out of being forced to accept the Virtual Reality package in the upcoming 11.20 update. I think you clients should have the right to decide how they want to configure their X-Plane 11 (as it was done by other flight simulator companies in the past). I might decide to do VR in the future but not now and I don't want to use my computer memory for systems that I will not use now. Is this possible now? and if not, shouldn't Laminar give us the possibility to opt out of big functions like VR?

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VR is available to everyone in 11.20, but it is a checkbox option you will have to turn on in Settings. If you do not have VR capable hardware or the desire to use it, you will not notice it at all. We run performance tests to make sure it does not affect the "regular" non-VR sim in a negative way.
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just FYI, when i update with beta to new version, frame rate drops by 20plus fps  no other changes . normally rate is about 30 .  ive gone back to non beta