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I want to totally remove the X-plane free demo from my desktop. A blank (black) page is stuck on the taskbar which will not close. Nothing I try seems to work with Windows 10.

I can remove some of the folder from the desktop but other parts say they are in use and to try again. Totally baffled. Some parts have been put in recycle bin and cleared but others won't transfer.

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Hi Max,

You should be able to delete the demo by dragging it to the recycle bin like you described. Make sure you quit the demo completely and close any folders or documents (a txt file maybe?) that might be open.  If your computer mistakenly believes part of X-Plane is in use when it's not, try using ctrl + shift + escape to bring up the task manager. You can scroll through the list of applications to see if X-Plane didn't shut down properly and "End Task" to quit it.
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Hi jroberts

Thank you so much. This worked perfectly. I just never thought of checking the task manager, which was stupid on my part! I've been trying to delete this for over a week as it didn't load properly. I've never asked for help from a forum before but will definitely consider them from now on.