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I have recently bought this game and have a rift but cannot check the enable VR hardware as it is greyed out and unclickable

does anyone have any ideas how I can rectify this

my graphics card is GeForce GTX 780 TI

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You need at least a 900 series graphics card to have the features needed so that X-Plane can run native VR.
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do you know if I can use flyinside or is it just a no to VR
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that's ridiculus guys, Elite dangerous works smootly in VR whit 780...no words for that
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I agree with yan bee, that's a choice that the user has to make, not you as developers. I happen to have a GTX 770 which I use for VR since the Rift DK2 times, and most software still runs good enough, and smooth even (including Elite Dangerous!).

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