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My system is a 16 core threadripper, 32GB of ram, and a GTX Titan, yet the "vr" option for X-Plane is gray'd out.  Why.  I play tons of games in VR with no issue.  Going to get a refund from Steam if this issue isn't resolved.

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Hi LoONeYChlKun,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Considering your last sentence in your overall question, just to make your day, the Steam version of X-plane is a 3rd party hybrid that is not marketed by Laminar Research so don't seek a refund from Laminar  Any updates with the official versions from Laminar Research are generally delayed through Steam.  Get your refund and invest in the original version and support the developers.

X-plane is not a "game" but a simulation package.  I am not into VR so I can't advise on a possible solution if the graphics card has been declared VR capable.  If it hasn't, then you need to replace the card with one that is suitable.  Some graphics cards have been known to work with games but not with X-Plane.

This link found at doesn't indicate it is VR friendly.  Perhaps it is an "age" problem with the GPU.

Have a look at the following link found at  by Michael Brown.  Michael owns a company that specialises in the building of purpose built PCs predominantly for X-plane.  They will also build other flight simulation packages upon request.  Laminar Research recommends his company as the supplier of PCs suitable for x-plane within the USA.

After watching the above link are all of your components used in your build matched? 

Good luck


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Hey Glenn,

Thanks for the comment.  My video card is old, but is certainly enough for VR.  I currently use FlyInside in MS Flight Simulator X for VR, and I was able to use FlyInside for X-Plane's demo as well.

Once I heard X-Plane had native support for VR I jumped on it.  However, from what I've been able to track down, they seem to do simple string matching on the HW model of the video card, with no regard given to system performance.

It's incredibly frustrating to have that option there but not able to use, as my system can run this game in 3D at 120 FPS no problem.  I feel like I'm getting snubbed from some developer that didn't finish filling out the list of approved graphics cards.