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RC pilots in North America use RC controllers set to Mode 2, that is pitch & roll on the right stick, throttle and rudder on left stick. In X-Plane for iOS, the Bluetooth controller setup defaults to Mode 1, that is pitch & roll on the left stick, throttle & rudder on the right stick. Is there any way for we North American users to configure our Bluetooth controller setup for mode 2? I don't want to build in any confusion to my muscle memory.
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I just want to confirm you're trying to use a bluetooth controller with the X-Plane 10 mobile app? Not with one of the desktop programs?
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That's correct, X-Plane 10 mobile on an iPad Pro with a Bluetooth controller. It works great, it's just that I need to be able to put roll & pitch on the right-side stick and throttle & yaw on the left-side stick as is customary for Mode 2 RC pilots in N. America.

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Controller assignments are not editable on the Mobile app, only in the desktop simulator.