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For months there were no problems with WED. However, recently an issue developed where saved taxiways will not transfer to XPlane They all show in WED, but, will not transfer over. I am not doing anything different than I always have done just need some help.

Everything else is working fine.


PS. using XPlane 9.7 WED

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Hi, can you describe more precisely what the problem is, ans most importantly, send us your WED Project, or at least the portion of it that shows the problem?
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Well it looks as though I may have figured it out. It seems as though it was related to how I created/named/saved the "new" airport(s) that would be transferred into the editor. At first when I would retrieve the airport data I kept the original name without renaming it. I renamed it, i.e., Tampa to Tampa1 and it seems to be ok now. Not sure if my explanation makes any sense, all I know it looks fine now. ???