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I have been adding ground traffic instructions using the GroundTraffic v1.52 plugin and just about every day the background scenery files have been changing, so that my locations have to be re-done.

I'm using x-plane 11.25r2 (build 112503 64 bit) and WorldEditor 1.6.0r1 compiled  on Jun 7 2017 22:37:21

Scenery file in question is the El Toro California   [X] El Toro (KNZJ)  upper left corner is at +33.6997 -117.755250, lower right is +33.650700 -117.702929.
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I suppose it doesn't matter as I will have to change the ground traffic directions anyway.  FYI, I already had the "package" (El Toro") locked to prevent it from moving.

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