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I'm stuck on install for regional N America. After starting the installer, it wants the product key,

I insert dvd #1 and nothing happens. Purchased from Amazon.  X-plane 10



product key
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Well SOME progress I guess. It reads all the necessary files from dvd #1

then asks for dvd 2.   Then that's it.  It never continues. So dvd #1 present B4

starting the installer is needed.

 Now if we could just get it to continue.........

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Try inserting the Regional DVD 1 & waiting for it to be recognized by your computer before launching the installer. With DVD 1 in the drive it should skip the request for the product key (which is only for people who purchased the digital download version from
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Victory !  It didn't continue with dvd 2 because it still had the files from dvd 1 in in memory. I had to EJECT the dvd (with the mouse) then it was cleared and dvd 2 data read in.

  Phew  !!

One last thing.......... there's no desktop icon. Where do I get one to place on the desktop ?
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Ok......... everything is working.  Now to start climbing that learning curve !

Thanks for the help.
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Did you figure out the shortcut? The X-Plane program has to stay in the X-Plane 10 folder on the desktop, but I believe you can right click on the .exe and create a shortcut that will appear on the desktop. (If you're on a Mac, it's called an alias.)
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And that's exactly what I did.  Thanks so much.

Boy do I have a lot of reading to do !!