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I am running X plane 11 version and running a six pack instrument panel along with dual Nav/Coms, Switch Panel, multifunction panel (AP, Flaps, Auto-throttle and Pitch Trim) . to set up thje instruments I use 7-Zp, 7z Setup SFX version 9.20 (latest avaible on Logitech/Saitek website)

All six of the Saitek instruments will toggle through all of the optional displays and all seem to function correctly except the Turn & Bank.

It indicates in the wrong direction and at a greater bank angle the one displayed on the monitor displaying the cockpit T&B.  I woud like to be able to use the full screen looking outside, but without the T&B makes this difficlut and to fly the sim, I have to us up 1/2 of my center display so I can see the T&B. It does not matter which of the six displays I use to display the T&B all positions exhibit the exact same issue on all of the seven aircraft that I have tried to use it on.

Any help would be appreciated.


John (Rusty Pilot Practicing)

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Hi John,

Have you seen this YouTube video from Michael Brown.  Michael is the owner of XforcePC which is the recommended X-Plane PC supplier in the USA by Laminar Research.  The link is at  This may go some way in solving your problem.

Also have a look at the following as well