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SInce I upgraded to Xplane 11.11 , Im unable to get the throttle to work. It was working great before this updfate a couple of month behind.. I have several devices (rhino x55, throttle quadrant, Cessna throttle Quadrant and am additional Saitek Throttle Quadrant). In settings, I'm able to select the device, calibrate it, and verify NO conflict are between tese devices. However, once in the sim, the throttle doesnt move when commanded. I update the xplane plug in for saitek from Logitech, but still have the same problemm.....Grounded till i can figure this out!!!



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Am a XP11 flight simmer, I have the X55 throttle and the saitek throttles, what I did is set two profiles in the throttle calibration in XP one named A320 X55 and the other I named other aircraft saitek. So when I switch planes I switch to preloaded throttle calibrations, works for me, can’t have both X55 throttle and saitek throttle at the same time of course.

Hope that helps