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Good afternoon,

I have the Logitech Flight Yoke System and Rudder Pedals.  They used to work fine, for about 2-3 months.  Now, they do not work at all in X-Plane 11.  I have been able to test them in Windows with good inputs on all axis (yoke, throttle, rudder).  In X-Plane, they are detected, but there is no input.  When attempting to calibrate, nothing happens.

I have:

- Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.

- Deleted Output folder and verified game in Steam.

- Uninstalled and reinstalled X-Plane.

Currently, I am running:

- Most updated version of X-Plane 11 on Steam (public_beta)

- Windows 10 - fully updated

- i7-5820K

- 16 GB RAM

- 1080Ti

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Do you use any device manager software? I've heard it can cause problems with X-Plane. Otherwise I would advise resetting to default preferences by renaming or moving the entire Preferences folder from the X-Plane install to see if that helps. If not, you can put it back to get your settings back.

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