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I've never had any problems with the forward pilot's view in x-planes until I downloaded and ran the x737 project (v4.9.3). Initially it started in the wide panel view; I somehow inadvertently got switched into the Captain's view and now can't seem to get out of it, even when following the procedure to try to switch it back (clicking on the panel file confirms the wide view is in the right directory, but that doesn't seem to matter). It doesn't matter what other aircraft I select either now that it is in this alternate (constrained) view mode. Even worse is that now every time I start x-plane I only see part of the initial image (it is too far to the right and too far down). It seems that its turned a switch in x-plane somewhere, but the problem is that I can't see all of the x-plane Rendering menu anymore because of the partial view the menu is locked in place - I can't scroll around the menu or try to make it smaller by zooming out (the partial screen view is fixed). Is there a way to re-initialize x-plane or do I need to reinstall x-plane (trying to avoid if possible)? I already tried removing and re-downloading x737 but even that didn't fix the problem. Running the latest x-plane (10.41r3) Safari 9.0.1 and MacOS 10.9.5 Thanks!

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You do not need to reinstall X-Plane! You can probably reset a lot of these problems with the view by moving the preferences folder (it's found within the Output folder). Just move it somewhere else, like the desktop, and restart X-Plane.  It will start with the opening movie and recreate the preferences folder as if it were a fresh install.

If you have a lot of customized settings you want to keep, you could then try putting pieces back in the new prefs folder from your original preferences folder that you moved.  Restart X-Plane each time until you encounter the problem. Then you will know which file has the issue.