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So, flying the default cessna 172, I zoomed out on the garmin and the game crashed. I thought it was a simple crash, but when I restart the sim, and picked again c172 and a default scenary, the crash report window popped up. I clicked on send, and then OK. Then it crashed again. And again. And again. It's always crashing there. I think that stopping the crash report window from popping up will make XPlane work.

Thanks for your time.

There you have the Log.txt and the report saved on /Output/crash_reports/.
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Did you have any custom/updated navigation data from Aerosoft or Navigraph installed when the crash happened?  I ask because I had custom nav data from Aerosoft installed and was experiencing frequent crashes when interacting with the G1000 GPS.  I removed the custom nav data and the crashing stopped.

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I think I've seen that before--X-Plane crashes after sending the auto report form on Windows. PM me the email address on the reports and I can check to see if we received them.

The log shows you were in the Traffic Pattern tutorial when the sim crashed. Do you know exactly where in it that the crash happens? I tried zooming in and out at the very beginning & after the first set of instructions but didn't crash.

We have caught one case that could cause a crash, but the fix won't be coming until after 11.20.
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Also: The auto crash reporter only comes up with some types of crashes, so if you are able to get it reliably, and also see the crash when sending the report, we may need to work directly with you to investigate and try to fix it.