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Good day Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Regards from Switzerland.

I have XPlane 11.10 and Ocuslus Rift VR on Flyinside. Intel 7 with sufficient RAM/GB and a NVIDIA GEForce1080Ti. So all good from the specs there.

On default B737 I e.g. go to EDDH, EDDS or ZJSY and all surrounding sceneries next to Airport are in a yellow/desert looking like images. It is nothing at all like in the normal XPlane SIM. I understand that with VR sceneries in the flightdeck can get blurried, but the scenery outside is really poor. At night time, I have a purple/reddish shimmer on the instruments and outside area .... I only see starts, the Airport lights, runway but scenerey outside the Airport is limited to perhaps a few city lights and a few moving cars. Otherwise totally black.

Daytime Approach it is close to impossible to make out the Airport ... like a haze or smog ... settings for graphics are either default or set to Highest ... tried it all ... Time-Warp etc turned off, turned on ... tried all settings, updated drivers, etc etc etc .... what I noticed too, is that the Oculus Rift does not allow me with my Touch Controllers to move around outside the aircraft ... but I care most about the scenery.

So here is my fundamental question especially to all Oculus VR simmers out there:

When you use your VR, do you get drawbacks or decrease scenery visibility/textures compared to using no VR?

Thank you very much for pointers, help or any feedback.

Have great day


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