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I have disabled all add ons but above around 10,000ft-ish I start to see a white haze. At fl300 and above it is like flying over a white globe. Any idea how I can fix this?

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It is on every flight no matter what or? Sky is still normal sky only globe is white?
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Hi! Thanks for replying. 

Every night flight yes. 

So at fl300 the sky above me will be black, but below is all white. Its just like a constant white haze. 

I have the likes of SkyMaxx pro and RWC installed but it still happens when they are disabled. :/ 

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That's odd! Would you try installing a plain version of X-Plane (with no scenery for instance) to see if that still happens? It sounds like some of those addons might be messing with something. Thanks!
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Of course. I will try and get around to it sometime in the next week.
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Hi again.
I've installed a second copy of XP11. As well as slowly adding things back in such as Skymaxx pro and flywithlua. Nothing duplicates this on the second install. I did notice the following though. 

(Ignore the LUA message - I removed the file whilst troubleshooting)
Firstly at a lower altiutude the sims look very different. Newer install is brighter (on the right)...

As I get higher the 'whiteness' kicks in on the left sim. I did find the sky colours menu though...

Notice they are both set to hialt but with different values.
If I change this to anything else it looks fine again. 

Is there a way I can change the values within these fields to see if I can make them match the new install ?

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Sorry you will have to zoom in a bit on those images! :P