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Hello everyone,

I currently have 1 iMac Pro and 2 LG 5k Ultrafine displays for a triple monitor setup. For those of you who are not familiar, the LG Ultrafine 5K are thunderbolt 3 displays.

So in short, I have a iMac pro and to the left and right of the iMac I have LG Ultrafine monitors hooked up via Thunderbolt 3.

My problem is I can not set up the LG Ultrafine to show the left and right hand side of the cockpit. Currently all that I can is either a black screen or a duplicate of the center iMac screen.

Is there any way to configure the LG displays to show the left and right of the cockpit  instead of the duplicate of iMac screen?

Let me know!



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First make sure they're configured correctly in the OS as separate screens, and aren't mirroring the iMac.

You can use X-Plane windowed and simply stretch it across all 3 monitors, or you can set up the visual offsets as described here in the manual or video tutorial.

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