11.20 Weather Customize button doesn't work

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asked May 8 by lhillman (18 points)
I just installed 11.20 official update. Now the "Customize" button for weather does nothing - clicking it has no effect. The Time of Day Customize still works.

2 Answers

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answered May 8 by jroberts (17,635 points)
I don't see this on my 11.20 install, and we haven't heard any other complaints of this. Try removing add ons or resetting to default preferences. Try restarting the entire computer as a last resort, just to reset everything. Or try to find additional steps or factors that cause this to happen.
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answered May 10 by Nigel (14 points)
I am having the same problem.  After doing a complete reinstall on W10 I downloaded X-Plane 11, once loaded I was able to customise the weather through the icon but now it has stopped me accessing into it.  I can use the slider but unable to change wind direction or strength, I have gone through a number of options including removing plugins, removing the preferences folder and restarting X-Plan 11 and only once did it allow me access and that was whilst on the ground in the aircraft, after that it would not let me back into the customisation section.  Time of Day works fine.  

Can anyone advise on this please?


commented May 10 by lhillman (18 points)
Nigel, I have found a workaround. Try switching between Window mode and full-screen mode under your graphic options. I have to do that each time I start X-Plane to have access to the customize button, but it works consistently for me. When you switch to Window mode try clicking the weather customize button. Then switch back to full screen mode if that's how you like to fly.
commented May 10 by Nigel (14 points)
lhillman brilliant!!  Just tried it and it works.  Very many thanks.



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