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I run two desktops 1st master with 3 displays to outside view and the second through network as unlocked display for my 3D instruments display. The Map ran off the second computer to another display monitor. on further checking i noticed that the ground is not moving on the second computer display but all instrument are displaying correctly and changing real time to my controls but the out side view is not moving hence the map is paused, further when i go to out side view on the second computer i see the aircarft is a few meters above ground and stuck in one place all works fine on the master. Please help, Thanks

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I cannot reproduce this with 2 computers set up as master & external visuals. Please check for additional factors such as add ons or additional set up steps.

Do you have the IOS open on any of the computers? We have seen this pause the flight model in the past, but should have fixed this in 11.20.
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Thanks for your answer. my question was not very clear I use the first desktop  as the master and i have 3 monitors connected, running internal view "forward with no display". the second desktop runs (through the network) as the External visuals (independent view).This has three screen as well. The center i use as the forward with 3d panel, (zoomed in for the panel only) the left I use for Map and the right i use for google map. Anyway its all working now, as i kept on changing all settings. I think the problem was the fire wall Thanks again