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I need help in the following situation.

I installed the dvds of xplane 10 in 2 machines, with one of the machines that will serve for the instructor and another machine that will be for the flight. In this first machine of the instructor, 3 monitors are connected, 2 of them will be for simAvio software, which will be responsible for the panels. The other monitor will be for the instructor. Also on this first machine, the joysticks (flight link usb controls) are also connected.

The second machine will be on the flight.

But the problem is that I'm not able to configure these xplanes to network with each other. I tried two ways:

1 - On the first machine, in the network connections section, I set extern extern, indicating the extra visual IP. On the second machine, in the external visual part, I indicated the IP of the Master Machine.

Configuring in this way, the machines functioned as a mirror of each other, not in the form of instructor / flight.

2 - In the first machine, in the network connections part, I configured in the Instructor, indicating the IP of the master machine. In the second machine, in the part of Instructor, I indicated the SINGLE-STUDENT IP.

Appearing it had apparently been good, were it not for the joysticks to stop working. They work correctly in the calibration part but do not respond to any commands at the time of the flight.

I've tried it in many ways, but I do not know what to do.

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Fernando Magela.

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It sounds like configuring it as #2 is the right way to go.

Did the joysticks fully calibrate? The axes will turn from red to green if they have, otherwise they may not respond. Did you assign the axes? IIRC, X-Plane 10 defaults all axes to "none" and you have to pick yaw, throttle, etc.
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Hi jroberts, how are you?

Thanks for answering.
Unfortunately, I've tried this, but it did not work. I managed to evolve to a point, leaving the joysticks directly in the scenario machine. It works normally until the moment I connect the SimAVIO, then the controls stop again.
I'm kind of lost in this setup.
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It sounds like SimAvio is the culprit if the problem only arises when using it. Try contacting its developer.