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When I try to turn on my aircraft in xplane 11 it dose nothing I cant press anything. I have no error code. Also is there anyway that I can show you a video that I made showcasing the problem.

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Hi Trevor,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The way I interpret what you want to attach is a file (format???) in the same manner as if you are attaching the log.txt file.

Have a look at the following link on how to attach the log.txt file and perform the same task for your video file.  The link can be found at http://questions.x-plane.com/16206/how-to-insert-a-file-in-a-question

I would also suggest attaching the log.txt file as well on the off-chance somebody with a greater knowledge base than me can "spot" your problem.

Good luck.


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Thats the video.

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