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Please explain your question with the exact steps (as specific and step-by-step as possible) required to reproduce the problem."

Download scenery update patches is glacially sloooooowwww. To reproduce the problem; GOTO the Global Scenery folder .. delete about two dozen dsf tile folders and redownload them.

Why would I do a retarded thing like that? Well, because for SOME INEXPLICABLE reason, I found that some of the scenery tiles had 0 file size, which doesn't work to populate scenery in sim when you land on those tiles!

Installing X-Plane 11 scenery is terribly slow; 8 hours and counting to install *additional* regions is pathetic in this day and age. Maybe 10 years ago but nowadays I routinely do 70 Gb downloads for other games that absolutely pizzles on X-Plane's archaic stoneage download servers.

Please invest in some decent data distribution technology and make the downloading of your global scenery less of a cancerous ordeal that it currently is.

I've been an XPlaner since version 5 and this is nearly enough for me to look less critically at the competition. Pull your socks up X-Plane.

I'm really crabby about this.

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More powerful. Made usable. ... gushes the advert.

With brand new user interface, but same old same old SHITTY scenery download experience.

Had to restart as it timed out ... I wonder if X-Plane uses Leaseweb servers?

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We recommend only downloading a small amount of scenery at a time as download speeds and connectivity can vary. We use a CDN service with generally good coverage where our main user base is, although some areas have smaller points of service. 

If downloading directly from our CDN is a problem, another alternative for digital installations is purchasing via Steam. Please let me know generally where you are located (country, state, etc) to track if there is a specific problem area.