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i have a GTX 1070 8GB mini, the scenery is only partially loading and the rest of the scenery 10 miles onwards is blurry. I did use a cloud feature called soft cloud art and it told me to delete files that are from the origin of xplane and replace it with its own ones however the game wouldn't load because the original files were deleted. I have since then deleted the soft cloud art files and uninstalled and reinstalled xplane 3 or 4 times. In settings I have textures on high but only registered 112mb have loaded when it is usually around 2000mb please help thanks.

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Check your weather settings as well to see what the visibility is set to. If it's set to 10nm or so that could be affecting how clear the scenery is. You can also try resetting your preferences to make sure something wasn't set by accident. Otherwise attach a copy of the log.txt and a screenshot of the rendering settings to provice more information.
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Hi sorry for the late response as ive been working away from home. I checked the visibility and the it was well above 10nm (using real weather conditions) and it had no change on textures loaded. Reset preferences and nothing changed again. I have a screenshot of the texture settings and copied on my log.txt file. I'm not 100% if that link of the log.txt will work I couldn't just add it as a flie. If I doesn't work I can send you it via email if you want? 

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Craig http://questions.x-plane.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=7730442948392523783 

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I have 2 Pictures that will explain my situation a bit easier. I know the 2 pictures are from different altitudes but its still pretty clear the difference in texture.

I also discovered recently that because I was at the menu on xplane 11 that was the reason for the low textures loaded (mb) as soon as I went in to an airport it went back up to normal loaded textures.

Really am needing help with this as it is getting very frustrating.

Kind regards 


Amsterdam schipol BlurryAmsterdam Schipol not blurry

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This actually looks like the extended night scenery added in 11.20b1.X-Plane’s night lights come from the autogen, but for performance and memory reasons, X-Plane doesn’t build autogen far from the aircraft. Our Artist has added night lighting textures for the far view to fill in the night sky. They look a bit different than the "normal" autogen scenery, but better than the emptiness we used to have. 

More info & comparison images here.

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