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The zoom and rotate functions, (for viewing) work, but at times stop working.  Then, they start working again.

I thought it might be due to rendering, settings so

-  I have tried minimizing overhead, by selecting the minimal preset.  This did not eliminate the problem.

 - The problem occurs even when my frame rates are in the range of 30

My system is a 21" desktop iMac with 8G memory 2.9Ghz 4 core processor

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You didn't include a lot of specific details about what you're doing, so if it is an issue with using the keyboard to control the views, I would recommend you move your existing preferences folder to your desktop. Then start X-Plane and it will restore all default functions. See if that helps. Otherwise, it could be a plugin issue, so you can try the same thing with the plugins folder.
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It looks like that fixed it.   Thanks.