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I understand that your x-plane Flight Sim is available via download.  If I choose that over DVD's and I need to reinstall for some reason is there a Product Key for that use?  If there are errors, crashes or corrupted files do you fix them and is there any cost to me for this service?  Understand there are 40 aircraft, are they Jets, single engine, helicopters, etc?  How many airports are there?  Are there pre-programed mission and is there free flying ability?


What is the total cost including shipping (if any) and taxes?
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Hi jlaffargue,

I have no association with the developers of X-plane.

If you have a look at other questions that have been asked in this forum on the same theme ie what do I do if the system crashes or files  become corrupted, you will find a simple answer of running an update and not a reinstall.  That link is at

Also have a look at a Youtube video by Whycliffe Barrett dealing with this topic/problem.  The link is as follows:- 

In relation to your other questions I will let someone from Laminar Research comment.

Hope this partially helps in providing an answer for you.



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Only if you purchase a copy of X-Plane digital download edition from will your email confirmation include a product key that will unlock X-Plane. You will need to keep this code forever as X-Plane requires authentication every week or two, and you use it to add scenery or if you ever need to reinstall.  

If you have crashes or problems with the default sim, if they are bugs we can reproduce or are known on other systems we will try to fix them. We provide support through this forum and email customer service. We cannot fix problems with third party aircraft, scenery, plugins, etc.

X-Plane features mostly free flying, not simulated missions or combat. I highly recommend you download the free demo to see if you will like it before buying. You can learn more about the sim in general by checking out the manual or