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I have just reinstalled X-Plane and latest updates on my iMac (mid 2011) running OS 10.11.2 El Capitan.

Mac System Information recognises the connected Joystick but when I go to settings/joystick there is no device showing.  I tried using a Saitek Rumble Force Gamepad with a wired USB connection and get the same result.

In both cases I have tried restarting both the Mac and X-plane after connecting Joystick but with no joy.

During one start up I got a warning saying Java JDK required.  This may have been unrelated to X-Plane but I installed the JDK and updated Java anyway.

Any suggestions on how to get the joystick to operate would be much appreciated.
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Please upload a copy of your log.txt and explain how the joystick was set up (plugged in before starting, after, etc).
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I initially tried to install from DVDs which I had purchased in 2014 but the installer would not run.  I then downloaded the latest installer and that seems to have worked OK.  I have also installed 2 addons; VMAX-787 Dreamliner and Boeing 777 v181.  I also installed all scenery (from DVDs).  This took a while but appears to have worked OK.  At the end of the install I was asked if I wanted to check for updates which I did and the process seemed to run as I would have expected and it also made some updates.

Having completed the install, I connected the Saitek Cyborg EVO Wireless joystick but it did not appear in the X-Plane settings window.  I then closed and re-opened X-Plane whilst the  joystick was connected but still not recognised.  I tried a restart of the Mac and then X-Plane, again with the joystick already connected but to no avail.  A check of the Mac System info app showed the joystick listed under USB.  I also tried the above process with a Saitek P2500 Rumble connected; again it appeared in the Mac System Info but was not available in X-Plane.

I've looked at the X-Plane log file but it means little to me although it does seem to show a lot of deleted files -  but I am guessing that they result from the post install update?

As requested, the log file is attached.  I hope that helps and I am grateful for your efforts to find a solution.


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This is the installer log.txt file. If you have started & quit X-Plane at least once, there will be a file simply called "log.txt" in the main X-Plane folder.

When you started the sim for the first time with the joystick, did you get an automatic message giving you the option to calibrate your flight axes? If it is new hardware, X-Plane should try that without you even needing to go into the joystick screen. It would be interesting if it's not doing that either.
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Sorry for providing the wrong file!  Hopefully, correct one included with this comment.

Now that you mention it, I did initially get an message asking if I wanted to calibrate the joystick.  I followed the instructions and finished the calibration and got a message saying the joystick had been successfully calibrated.  However, when I went to the X Plane settings, nothing showed in the joystick section.

I did wonder if there was a problem with the link between the joystick and the wireless dongle; that was why I tried with the hard wired USB gamepad (Saitek Rumble P2500).  But as I said previously this did not change anything.

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Thanks for the info. We've had quite a few reports of problems with joysticks with El Capitan. I am going to add your information to the open bug we have on file. Could you also attach a screenshot of where you see the joystick registering in the system information screen?

I'm sorry we don't have a fix or solution yet though.
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Thanks for trying.


In desperation, I tried uninstalling and starting again but no luck.  As requested, the attached is a screenshot taken from the Mac System Report showing the Saitek Joystick.

I will keep fingures crossed for a fix in due course.




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Your problem appears identical to mine. I am also grounded due to this. I have just submitted a bug report prior to seeing your question. Hope we can be flying again soon.
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I have the same problem, and tried it with both Mac OS 10.11.2 and .3 - same result, the Mac shows the Joystick under USB as Cyborg eve Wireless as expected, but x-plane 10.42 doesn't pick it up. Sigh...
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I've recently had a response from MAd Katz who seem to have taken over the Saitek support.  I'm afraid they gave a fairly final answer and said that "the Cyborg EVO is an old device and was never designed to work on Mac and there will be no future development to allow it to do so".


Seems like I need to go shopping again!

Thanks for all attempts at help.

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This does seem final. I had an ongoing discussion with Ben at Laminar Research (X-Plane) and ran diagnostics on my setup. He said that the results showed that the Cyborg could not be accessed programmatically following the El Capitan upgrade. It seems there was nothing that they could now do except hope that Apple would fix it, unlikely for an old device.

I too will be shopping for an affordable replacement, but I would like to be assured that anything I buy will work. As a sim only leisure flyer I will not be looking for an expensive full control set.

Over to the community for suggestions? I think we need a new list of controls known to work with the X-Plane / El Capitan combination.
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I have now purchased the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X controller and can [confirm that this works just fine.
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I have iMac, OS X El Capitan, Version 10.11.6 and X-Plane 10.45

kiteflyer wrote d.d. May 30: "I have now purchased the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X controller and van [confirm that this works just fine."

Works it on Mac OS or only on Windows PC?

Does anyone have anything else that runs on Mac OS?

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Sorry. Should have made it clear that it works with X-Plane on Mac El Capitan 10.11.6. Haven't upgraded to Sierra yet so don't know about that. It is advertised as working on Windows.
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Thanks. I bought Thrustmaster T Flight stick X advised by jroberts and it works perfectly.