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Surfingslow commented:

Your theory worked!!  I found the file vr_default_manips.txt, copied the lines into the vr config file for the GNS530 left and right knobs, then increased the degrees from 5 to 25 for the left knobs and 15 to 35 for the right knobs.  Worked like a charm!!    I'm back to being able to use the GPS!

I'm trying to slowdown the rotation of the vertical speed up/down knob on the C172 Autopilot.  I followed Surfingslow's lead and copied the following from vr_default_minips.txt to Cessna_172SP_vrconfig.txt

BEGIN_MANIP command_knob sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_down sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_up



But this resulted in an error popup when starting a flight.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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