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I have been building an aircraft in collaboration with another author who has supplied me with a plugin to facilitate certain engine controls.  I do not have any experience with programming plugins and I seem to have lost contact with the author, so I'm basically stuck with this problem unless someone else can help me with the little information I can provide.

Since version 11.10 the plugin will not load consistently. In the log.txt it shows I have the "Error Code = 1114 : A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed."  The frustrating thing is that the plugin loads sometimes and does not load other times, with probably about 80% of the time not loading. I have tried minimizing rendering options, deleting all prefs and joystick configs, and changing various other settings but nothing seems to produce a consistent change.  It just works sometimes and doesn't sometimes regardless of what I do.

I am using the Steam version of X-Plane 11.20.  The plugin has had problems since 11.10.  I believe the plugin worked in 11.05. The plugin also runs with no problems in version 10.

I'll include the log.txt files for both instances of the plugin loading and not loading, however I do not feel it appropriate to include a copy of the plugin without the author's permission.  If anybody has experience that could help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Official documentation on developing plugins can be found on the X-Plane Developer site. I do not have enough specific knowledge to troubleshoot plugins, but you may also find more experienced help on the forums.