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I am trying to download the sim, however everytime I do I get the warning that It was unable to download the file and will try again soon. Hangs there for a good 5 minutes, then I'm pretty sure it just skips it and moves on, downloads a few more files and then hangs again.

Lines from install log:

0:15:03.825 E/INS: Server  hit error Timeout was reached and will time out for 10.000000 seconds.  Error count is now 1.
0:15:03.850 E/INS: Error processing http://cds.r8z5m7k4.ssl.hwcdn.net/X-Plane%2011.05r2/Aircraft/Extra%20Aircraft/B-52G%20NASA/objects.zip?ttl=1528572840&sig=4936efd0fcbbba162802fdba400cf86a: Timeout was reached (..\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:346)

0:18:38.126 E/INS: Server  hit error Timeout was reached and will time out for 70.000000 seconds.  Error count is now 2.
0:18:38.126 E/INS: Error processing http://cds.r8z5m7k4.ssl.hwcdn.net/X-Plane%2011.05r2/Aircraft/Laminar%20Research/Boeing%20B737-800/liveries/Delta/objects.zip?ttl=1528573073&sig=9b0b544bace7ffb76c0c49150af55fc6: Timeout was reached (..\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:346)

0:22:03.439 E/INS: Server  hit error Timeout was reached and will time out for 130.000000 seconds.  Error count is now 3.
0:22:03.463 E/INS: Error processing http://cds.r8z5m7k4.ssl.hwcdn.net/X-Plane%2011.05r2/Aircraft/Laminar%20Research/Boeing%20B737-800/objects/738cfm56_NML.png.zip?ttl=1528573073&sig=6c83b11842896f6aa4981f1c7b5a2cb1: Timeout was reached (..\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:346)

Any advise?

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I'm having the same issue. X-plane claim it is a local problem. I'm not convinced, but they are less than helpful on the phone.
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The internet connection is dropping so the installer can't continue to download files. I would recommend installing little to no scenery to start with so you can get flying at least. You can add scenery at any time later.

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