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When using the Xplane C172, it is not controllable on the runway during the take off roll. I am using VKB rudder pedals which I have calibrated. I have tried various options in the yaw and yaw augmentation settings but cannot get realistic take off roll behaviour. This happens at all speeds.

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Hi imurph,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

When you purchased the pedals did you receive installation software?  If so, have you installed that software?  If so have you attempted to callibrate the pedals within X-plane as well? 

If you were using Logitec (ex Saitek) pedals my advice would be to "totally" delete the saitek software and reinstall and calibrate the pedals only through X-Plane.  This is the only way the saitek pedals will work in a satisfactory manner.

Try this same process with the pedals you have acquired.  It may work.

Good luck