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I need to practice gps/rnav approaches. Does xplane support his. FSX does not. I don't want to waste more money on sims that don't allow for gps/rnav approaches.

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Yes it does. For detailed information on the default GPS's capabilities, please read this developer article. I would also recommend that you download the free demo and try it for yourself at the demo airport KSEA.

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Thank you for the answer. I very much appreciate it. I fly aircraft with the G400 and G1000 in the real world for an organization and having a sim to play with on the computer will be very helpful, especially before a check ride. We don't get enough practice in the real world because it cost extra time if in VFR even with an IFR clearance.
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Our GPS is modeled after the Garmins, but they're not precisely the same, so I hope the demo will allow you to decide if it's close enough to help or not. :)

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