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The buttons in the 3D cockpit are not working in the default Cessna nor with other add-ons. I've tried deleting the preferences, integrity check on steam and ensuring I am clicking in the clickable region. How do I resolve this issue?

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Has this always been an issue for you or did this appear after an update somewhere? I recently had someone else find that using Windows' new "Game mode" + full screen caused manipulator issues for them. Can you check to see if turning this feature off helps your situation as well? 

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One thing that will make X-Plane behave this way is if you open the Cessna aircraft in Plane Maker and under Standard -> Misc Objects, the object entry for "Cessna 172SP cockpit.obj" has its "Int Cockpit" radio button deselected. Only the manipulators in the item with "Int Cockpit" selected will work. I have never seen this documented anywhere.

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